Hello, First let me wish you all a good new year. I own a new Raptor 50 TITAN with less then 2 hovering hours. The helli is equipped with the TT50 engine. I still use the factory fited wooden blades and started too look for other composite blades. Our local market can offer only 600 blades. Since I am a beginner and planning to fly only scale style flying with the MD530 body I have two questions, Question 1: dose the 600 blades will affect the flight characteristics? if yes, how? Question 2: since im a beginner with no 3D intentions at all, what blades will be good for me and my TITAN?
    Dear Avi, Thanks for your e-mail. 600mm blades are suitable for Raptor 50 Titan exactly as it comes with 600mm wooden blades. Since you plan to fly only scale style flying and have no 3D intentions, 600mm wooden blades are okay. Best regards, Customer Service Thunder Tiger Corp. [ Simon ]