HI There I'm a very proud Mini Titan owner. I've just bought my metal upgrades, but I'm bit concerned about the mixing arms that mounts to the seesaw hub. They are very stiff and locks a bit. I noticed if I loosen the screws just a bit, there's a lot of paly and they will come loose. What should I do to correct this? Should I also use those golden washers on both sides of the mixing levers? Thanks Andre
    Dear Andre, Thanks for your email. We are not sure if you have bought the old version of metal upgrades or not. The mixing levers have been modified to the new version already. There are collars and bearings in bigger internal diameter in the package. Would it be possible to have some photos for the metal mixing lever with all the accessories like bearings, screws...etc. you bought? If yours is the old one, we will replace it at no charge via our distributor, B&B IMPORTERS & DISTRIBUTORS, in South Africa. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. B&B IMPORTERS & DISTRIBUTORS Tel: 27-11-7945253 Fax: 27-11-7945930 E-mail: Web: Best regards, Customer Service Thunder Tiger Corp. [ Simon ]