Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Bandit OBL (G) NO.No.5122-A22G


Bandit OBL (G)

Item No. No.5122-A22G
Length(mm / in.) (848mm/33 3/8”) 
Height(mm / in.)  
Beam(mm / in.) (293mm/11 1/2”) 
Weight(g / oz.) 4.3lb. (2360g) 
Motor TT OB Marine Motor Included 
Radio Cougar 2.4GHz 3CH Radio Required 


1. Outboard Marine Motor(Gear Reduction  1.19 : 1)
2. Water Cooled BLC-60M Speed Controller


The Bandit is now also gone electric! 
If you love top performances but can’t really bother anymore with nitro setup and starting equipment, then the latest Bandit OBL delivers on a great promise.
The e-powered version is a direct modification of the original Bandit 3.5 hull and sports all the advanced features that have made the original Bandit a racing beast.  Nothing has changed, and yet it is a brand new machine that is bound to rock your world.


1. High Performance Tunnel Hull Design
2. Light, yet Rigid Fiberglass Hull w/Vinyl Hull Stand
3. Pre-painted w/Cool Scheme Design
4. Quick-Remove & Attach Upper Deck
5. Exclusive Water Sealed RX Case & Wire Sockets
6. 3 Versions Available: Super Combo, RTR (w/o battery & charger)and ARTR (motor combo)

High performance OB Marine Motor installed

Exclusive Waterproof RX Case &Sockets design

Exclusive Waterproof RX Case &Sockets design--

Spare Parts List