Thunder Tiger CORP. -- TG-6100M NO.AQ0843


Item No. AQ0843
Control Digital Proportional Integration Control 
Sensor Piezoelectric Vibrating Gyroscope 
Voltage(V) DC4.8V~6.0V 
Operation Temperature -5~50°C 
Dimension LxWxH(mm) 41.2 x 21.6 x 11.7 (mm) 
Weight(g/oz) 12 / 0.42 (g/oz) 


1) TG-6100M Gyro × 1
2) Mini plastic screwdriver(for adjustment) × 1
3) Double-sided foam × 3
4) Metal plate × 1
5) Instruction Manual x 1


TG-6100M is specially designed for mini Titan E325. It is combined with a heading lock gyro and an E-CCPM mixer in the program. The heading lock gyro holds the tail perfectly, and the E-CCPM mixer makes it possible to fly the mini Titan E325 with a normal 4~6 channel radio. In addition, both the normal flying mode and the aerobatic flying mode are established in the program. The advanced aerobatic flying can be performed while using a basic 6 channel radio.


1) Heading lock mode and normal mode
2) E-CCPM mixer for 4~6 channel radio
3) Idle-up mode for basic aerobatic flying
4) Idle-up mode operating protection
5) Simple wire connection for easy installation
6) Small and light weight
7) Suitable for Futaba, JR, Hitec and TT radio system

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