Thunder Tiger CORP. -- RS NO.AQ0596-27


Item No. AQ0596-27
Channel Encoder 2CH 
Current Drain 40mA@ 4.8V 
Frequencies 27 (MHz) 
Modulation AM(PPM) 
Weight(g / oz.) 30/0.96(g/oz.) 
Conversion 455KHz 
Channel Spacing(KHz / db) 50KHz 
Battery Power(V) 4.8-6V 
ESC Resistor(Ω)  
Dimension(mm / in.) 58x29x18.5(mm) 


1) Receiver x1
2) Double Side Foam Pad x1
3) Antenna Bobbin Board x 1


"Still suffering from the interference while flying on the air or driving on the road?" You must try the ACE receiver to get more confidence to do the aerobatic flying or driving. ACE R/C has phased in the latest technology to improve the sensitivity and interference issues for the receiver series. "Do not give up to looking for the better one-ACE"


1) Activate Cut Off Function While Reverse 8 seconds 2) Autormatic Throttle Lock (A-T-L) Prevents Potential Dangerous 3) Situations Caused By incorrect Switch 4) Excellent Design for Easy Insert Crystal Base 5) Conversion Switch Socket Design 6) Modern Imbedded Heat Sink Design