Thunder Tiger CORP. -- RedLine .53 Engine NO.9606


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RedLine .53 Engine

Item No. 9606
Displacement(c.c. / 8.67 c.c / 0.529 
Bore(mm / in.) 22.5 mm / 0.886 in 
Stroke(mm / in.) 21.8 mm / 0.858 in 
Practical R.P.M.(R.P.M.) 2,000~21,000 
Output(BHP/RPM) 2.1 BHP / 17,000 RPM 
Weight(g/oz) 380 g / 13.40 oz 


RL-53 engine x 1 EA
Carb Assembly w/ thermal isolator gasket & 2 mounting bolts x 1 EA
REDLINE R3 glow plug x 1 EA
Allen wrench x 2 EA (2.5mm &3mm)
Instruction manual x 1 EA
REDLINE sticker x 1 EA


Extreme Power Helicopter Model Nitro Engine

REDLINE is a new helicopter engine line from Thunder Tiger. Higher performance and extreme power in a compact-size engine with yet larger displacement and awesome power. The RL-53H is a fantastic nitro powerplant for your 50 class R/C helicopter.

The RL-53H engine features XC2 extreme composite coating with nano-technology from Japan for longer engine life, a special criss-cross pattern etched on the sleeve wall for much lower friction and an oversized heat sink head. These exclusive RL-53H's features deliver much more reliable power and higher torque through the full range of RPM.

The brand-new carb design is mounted on the crankcase with a very effective heat insulator to keep the carb working at stable temperature under all conditions.


Designed for stable hovering and aerobatic 3D flights
XC2 (extreme composite coating) cylinder liner with special criss-cross pattern etched
Precisely-balanced crankshaft with Ni plating to further reduce corrosion
Knife-edged design & high-strength connecting rod with bushings pre-installed
Lightened hypereutectic machined Al-Si ringed piston
Machined over-sized heat sink head
Reinforced resin rear cage ball bearing support
State-of-the art CNC machined components
Non-seizing flange mount carburetor with thermo insulator
Push-pull throttle lever
2 Needle valves adjusted with both Hex and FT driver at same side
High performance Redline R3 glow plug included

Push-pull throttle lever

Non-seizing flange mount carb w/ insulator

XC2 cylinder liner with criss-cross pattern

2 needle valves adjusted with Hex & FT driver

Machined over-sized heat sink head

CNC-machined components

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