Thunder Tiger CORP. -- PRO-50H(R) NO.9605


Item No. 9605
Displacement(c.c. / 8.19 c.c. / .500 
Bore(mm / in.) 22.5 mm / 0.886 in. 
Stroke(mm / in.) 20.6 mm / 0.811 in. 
Practical R.P.M.(R.P.M.) 2,000 ~ 17,000 rpm 
Output(BHP/RPM) 1.8 BHP / 16,000 RPM 
Weight(g/oz) 405 g / 14.28 oz 


1. PRO-50H engine x 1 EA
2. Carburetor Assembly x 1 EA
3. Allen wrench x 2 EA (2.5mm &1.5mm)
4. Instructional manual x 1 EA
5. TT logo sticker x 1 EA


The Pro series helicopter ring-type engines are equipped with dual ball-bearings, Schnuerle porting, one ring-type piston / cylinder assembly and two-needle automatic mixture control carburator.

The Pro-50H is amongst one of Thunder Tiger's best selling heli engines because of its excellent performance and great value.

The Pro-50H delivers smooth power for sport and 3D pilots alike. The new carburetor design provides incredibly reliable low idle rpm. The engine can turn at ticking rpm for extended time without flooding.
The Pro-50H also features very low vibration and is a highly fuel-efficient engine. The Pro-50H is a perfect match for any of the Raptor 50 models.

The engine works best in helicopters with gear ratios ranging from 8.5:1 to 9.1:1, and develops peak horsepower at 14,000 to 17,000 rpm.


XC2 (extreme composite coating) cylinder liner with special criss-cross pattern etched
High strength connecting rod with bushings pre-installed
One-piece crankcase with squared-off cooling fins
Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
Vertical fins heat sink head for optimum air cooling
Lightened hypereutectic machined Al-Si ringed piston
Rear reinforced resin cage ball bearing support
State-of the-art CNC machined components
2 Needle valves carburetor







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