Thunder Tiger CORP. -- PRO-12BK NO.9459


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Item No. 9459
Displacement(c.c. / 2.11 c.c. / .129 
Bore(mm / in.) 13.85 mm / 0.545 in. 
Stroke(mm / in.) 14.0 mm / 0.551 in. 
Practical R.P.M.(R.P.M.) 3,000 ~ 30,000 rpm 
Output(BHP/RPM) 0.60 BHP / 29,000 RPM 
Weight(g/oz) 234 g / 8.28 oz 


1. PRO-12BK engine x 1 EA 2. Carburetor Assembly x 1 EA 3. Instructional manual x 1 EA 4. TT logo stickerx x 1 EA 5. Air filter x 1 EA


The new Pro-12/15/18 engines have been designed to achieve the easiest operation and max performance again. The all new Pro-18 big block engine creates incredible plenty of horse-power more than the previous .15 engine, which is the best choice for the out-law race. The new Pro-12/15/18 are available in several versions with the same mounting dimensions, making it drop-in easy to upgrade. All of series are available with built-in recoil starters ("X" type). The PRO-12BXP and PRO-15BXP are available for the previous RTR cars of the Thunder Tiger. The " K" type series engines feature a built-in hexagonal shaft starting system that can be operated to start the engine easily and quickly.


Side exhaust. ABC construction: Aluminum piston with Cr-plated brass cylinder liner. Hyperutectic machined Al-Si ringed piston . High strength connecting rod with bushings pre-installed. SG crankshaft. One-piece crankcase with squared-off shape cooling fins. Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft. Machined over-sized heat sink head. Built-in hexagonal shaft starting backplate. 2 Needle valves carburetor. State of the art CNC machined components.

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