Thunder Tiger CORP. -- GP-42 NO.9041


Item No. 9041
Displacement(c.c. / 6.90 c.c. / .421 
Bore(mm / in.) 21.5 mm / 0.846 in. 
Stroke(mm / in.) 19.0 mm / 0.748 in. 
Practical R.P.M.(R.P.M.) 2,000 ~ 15,000 rpm 
Output(BHP/RPM) 1.10 BHP / 14,000 RPM 
Weight(g/oz) 357.2 g / 12.60 oz 


1. GP-42 engine x 1 EA 2. Carburetor assembly with 2 mounting bolts 3. Muffler assembly x 1 EA 4. REDLINE R2 glow plug x 1 EA 5. Instructional manual x 1 EA 6. TT logo sticker x 1 EA


The Thunder Tiger GP-42 engine is designed to combine high performance with easy handling and maintenance using CAD computer technology. Major components of the engine are machined from the highest quality materials using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing techniques, resulting in consistent-high quality and reliability.

The GP-42 engine is equipped with maintenance-free bronze bushings, Schnuerle porting, a special ABN type piston and cylinder sleeve, an easily adjusted air bleed carburetor, and a safe angular needle valve. The GP-42 engine has been specifically-designed to suit both beginners and experienced modelers.


Designed for sport airplane use
One-piece crankcase structure
Bronze bushing support for easier maintenance
Air bleed carburetor design for easier adjustments
Aluminum piston with Nickel-plated brass cylinder liner
Swept back needle valve for added safety during adjustment
Forward side exhaust port
Side exhaust
3-chamber muffler included
Redline R2 glow plug included






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