Thunder Tiger CORP. -- SKY TECH TS6i 2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter NO.8608-M1A1

SKY TECH TS6i 2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter

Item No. 8608-M1A1
Configuration Dual Sticks 
Frequencies(MHz) 2.4GHz 
Channel Encoder 6Ch 
Modulation GFSK 
Current Drian(mA @V) 130mA@9.6V 
Channel Spacing(KHz / db)  
Power Requirement(V) 9.6V/8 cell AA Battery 
Display LCD(62x31mm) 
Mode Memory
Trainer/Simulator Port Mini USB 
Mixing Function Acro/Heli 
Servo Reverse Y/6CH 
Dimension(mm / in.) 188*160*70mm/7.39x6.29x2.76in 
Weight(g / oz.) 650g/22.97oz 


1.  Sky Tech TS6i Transmitter x 1
2.  TRS601DD 2.4GHz 6CH Receiver x 1 (AQ2257)
3.  TT-F2.4G-A104 2.4GHz TX RF MODULE x 1   (AQ2256)
4.  9.6V 1200 mAh Tx Battery x 1
5.  Tx/Rx Charger x 1 (except New Zealand & Australia)
6.  Instruction Manual x 1
7.  Accessory:  Switch Harness, Rx battery tray


Total 2.4G Control

The Sky Tech TS6I 2.4GHz 6CH digital proportional computerized air radio system is designed with the latest wireless and Thunder Tiger advanced-programming technologies. With spread spectrum and smart frequency-hopping system module installed, the radio delivers precision & reliability in control without interference risks.

This advanced radio system features an 8-models memory, assignable switches, throttle lock, dual timer and two slider switches. The shift select function makes this system one of the most flexible 6-channel radios for air models.

The dual antenna diversity 6CH receiver ensures accurate and reliable wireless communication with the transmitter. The easy-touch binding switch makes ID link binding process very convenient.


1.  Uses standard  transceiver chips for interactive bi-direction communication between Tx/Rx.
2.  Advanced frequency-hopping program on spread spectrum base for added safety, reliability and virtually interference-free communication.
3.  Available in either single or dual receiver systems.The antenna is also available in either single or dual systems.
4.  A binding feature is included in the  ACE RC 2.4 GHz spread spectrum system to ensure the transmitter and receiver only bind to each other and prevent interferences from other controllers.
5.  In extremely rare circumstances where signal loss is encountered, the system features a fail-safe program allowing individual channel to restore back to initial settings.
6.  A range-check button on the transmitter reduces transmitter signal for pre-flight range-check.
7.  8-Models Memory & large-size LCD display
8.  Built-in fully ACRO & Helicopter Programing



AQ2257-TRS601DD 2.4GHz 6CH Receiver

Adjustable Sticks

Slider control and function assignable

Big easy-to-read screen

Built-in fully ACRO with 8-models memory

All Channels Digital sub trim setting function

All Channels Digital Endpoint Adjustment function

2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

Spare Parts List