Thunder Tiger CORP. -- SEA COMMANDER T6M NO.8603-27A1


Item No. 8603-27A1
Configuration Dual Sticks 
Frequencies(MHz) 35/36/40/41/75 (MHz) 
Channel Encoder 6Ch 
Current Drian(mA @V) 150mA @9.6V 
Channel Spacing(KHz / db)  
Power Requirement(V) 9.6V 
Mode Memory  
Trainer/Simulator Port No 
Mixing Function  
Servo Reverse CH1~CH6 
Dimension(mm / in.)  
Weight(g / oz.)  


1) SkyCommander T6M transmitter x 1 2) ACE RC TR602FD Dual Conversion Receiver x 1 3) ACE RC micro servo C1016 x 3 4) 9.6V 1100mAh NIMH Tx Battery Pack x 1 5) 110mA Tx/Rx Charger x 1 6) Switch hardness x 1 7) Receiver Battery holder x 1 8) Frequency flag x 1 9) Instruction Manual x 1


The ACE RC Sea Commander radio system is state-of-the-art IT technology. It is designed to make advanced control simple, easy and reliable. 
Enjoy many years of RCv fun with the Sea Commander.


1) Stunning exterior design 2) 6Ch Digital proportional precise control 3) Switch On & Low Battery Voltage Alarm 4) Easy Access Crystal 5) FM available in 27,35,36,40,41,72 Mhz frequencies 6) LED Power Indicator 7) Servo Reversing Switch 8) Mechanical Trim Lever 9) DC Charging jack

Spare Parts List