Thunder Tiger CORP. -- COUGAR P3i NO.8306


Item No. 8306
Configuration Pistol Grip 
Frequencies(MHz) FM 26/27/40/75 (MHz) 
Channel Encoder 3-Channel Computer System 
Current Drian(mA @V) 150mA @9.6V 
Channel Spacing(KHz / db)  
Power Requirement(V) 9.6V / 8 cell AA Battery 
Mode Memory  
Trainer/Simulator Port Cougar P3i 
Mixing Function  
Servo Reverse  
Dimension(mm / in.) 220x99x182mm / 8.66x.3.89x7.16in 
Weight(g / oz.) 443g / 15.59oz 


Transmitter: COUGAR P3i x1 Receiver: TR-301F x 1 Accessory: Switch Hardness x 1 Receiver Battery Holder x 1 Frequency Flag x 1


The ACE RC Cougar P3i digital proportional radio system is a great pistol grip radio for drivers demanding high precision and smoothness of operation. 
Featuring a 10-model memory, large LCD display, digital trims, AUX channel 3 button, and numerous other advanced programming functions. 

It is designed to make advanced control simple, easy and reliable for all RC cars. 

Enjoy many years of RC fun with the Cougar P3i.


1) Easy-to-read LCD Display Screen
2) 10-model memory
3) Changeable plug-in RF module for both FM and AM system
4) Electronic digital trim levers for throttle and steering
5) Steering/Throttle sub-trim
6) Steering/Throttle/Aux EPA
7) Steering/Throttle/Brake ARC adjustment
8) Steering dual-rate adjustment
9) Battery voltage indicator
10) Adjustable steering wheel tension
11) Low battery alarm

Spare Parts List