Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Digital Servo/DS1903MG  NO.8176

Digital Servo/DS1903MG 

Item No. 8176
Torque 4.8V / 6V (oz-in) 2.5/3.2Kg-cm 
Torque 6V / 7.4V (oz-in)  
Torque 4.8V / 6V (kg-cm)  
Torque 6V / 7.4V (kg-cm)  
Speed 4.8V / 6V (sec/60°) 0.19/0.15 sec/60° 
Speed 6V / 7.4V (sec/60°)  
Gear 4P/2P+2MG 
Bearing oiless 
Size L x W x H (inch)  
Size L x W x H (mm)  
Weight (g/oz) 46.9g/50.9g 
Operating Range  


Conquer all Water Terrains

See this completely re-designed machinery with dual ball bearings and metal gears, Thunder Tiger is proud to represent this all new series of waterproof digital servos which possess many significant features such as light weight, reliable high torque output and durable gear set. For all the applications of various vehicles, this series of digital system based waterproof servos not only provides more precise control sensitivity but keep your vehicles working very smoothly in all water terrains.