Thunder Tiger CORP. -- DC0915 Micro Digital Servo NO.8161

DC0915 Micro Digital Servo

Item No. 8161
Torque 4.8V / 6V (oz-in) 20.8 
Torque 6V / 7.4V (oz-in)  
Torque 4.8V / 6V (kg-cm) 1.5 
Torque 6V / 7.4V (kg-cm)  
Speed 4.8V / 6V (sec/60°) 0.095 
Speed 6V / 7.4V (sec/60°)  
Gear 4PG 
Bearing 1BB 
Size L x W x H (inch) 0.87x0.45x0.93 
Size L x W x H (mm) 22.1X11.4X23.6 
Weight (g/oz) 9/0.32 
Operating Range +/-45° 


Equipped with 4 high impact plastic gear sets, the all new DC0915 digital micro servo features light weight, reliable high speed and durability gear set. DC0915 is absolutely the best mate for mini EP helicopters. With the most refined gear train, precise control and extreme power , DC0915 is not only aggressive for rudder, but also great for control surface.


1) Optimized for mini EP Helicopters
2) Dead Band Width:3us
3) High Speed Helicopter Rudder Digital Servo
4) Digitally enhanced microprocessors cut in half the response time from transmitter input to servo reaction