Thunder Tiger CORP. -- ACE SAIL WINCH SERVO,WQ2811 NO.8141


Item No. 8141
Torque 4.8V / 6V (oz-in)  
Torque 6V / 7.4V (oz-in)  
Torque 4.8V / 6V (kg-cm) 11 
Torque 6V / 7.4V (kg-cm)  
Speed 4.8V / 6V (sec/60°) 0.28 sec 
Speed 6V / 7.4V (sec/60°)  
Gear Plastic 
Bearing 1BB 
Size L x W x H (inch) 2.3x1.1x2.04 
Size L x W x H (mm) 58 x 28 x 52 
Weight (g/oz) 120 / 4.26 
Operating Range  


1) Giant Quater size Servo x 1
2) Special Sail Servo Horn x1
3) Mounting hardware set x 1


 Introduction of Thunder Tiger Sail Winch Servo. This servo is specially design for ETNZ that torque is up to 11kg-cm, the speed is at 0.28sec/60 and max. rotation at 2 turns (720 ).  Standard quarter size with water proof seal between cases. All plastic gears. Comes with drum and mounting hardware.

Fits to most sailing yachts in the market.


1) The most reliable hight torque motor 2) Quarter size Sail Winch Servo 3) High impact material 4) More precise operating performance 5) 2 turns (720 ) operating range