Thunder Tiger CORP. -- GT5.1 3-axis Flybarless system NO.8088

GT5.1 3-axis Flybarless system

Item No. 8088
Voltage(V) 4.8~8.4V 
Operation Temperature  
Dimension LxWxH(mm) 29.5 x 32 x 16mm 
Weight(g/oz) 15g 


The GT5.1 is a high-performance, electric 3-axis gyro, designed to stabilise flybarless R/C helicopters.
The GT5.1 can be used with a wide variety of receivers (Rx) available on the market. When using Spektrum equipment, the GT5.1 can be patched directly into a traditional Rx, or the GT5.1 can be used as the primary Rx by fitting two Spektrum remote satellites directly into the unit. Be aware that neither Spektrum, nor Thunder Tiger, can guarantee full range and functionality when the GT5.1 is used solely with remote satellites.
Due to the huge variety of different electrical receiving equipment on the market, Thunder Tiger offer no guarantee against induced failure or equipment damage caused by the use of third-party receiving equipment: unless a direct malfunction of the GT5.1 unit is positively detected.
The GT5.1 unit has not been directly tested and approved by Thunder Tiger to operate on jet-turbine powered R/C helicopters. Therefore, use of the GT5.1 with this type of R/C helicopter is NOT recommended and at the user’s own discretion and/or risk. 
Thunder Tiger may remind users that the GT5.1 is designed solely for use on R/C helicopters. These machines are not toys and should never be flown by unaccompanied children and always on approved flying fields with the landowner’s permission. Always be extremely careful not to harm yourself and others or cause damage to other people’s property.
Any liability due to users ignoring the above mentioned notes would be disclaimed by the manufacturer ‘Thunder Tiger Europe’ and its associated retailers.

Display Screen                         96 x 64 pixels OLED       
Input                                            Touch Pad
CPU                                             32-Bit High Speed Processor
Sensor-Speed                          MEMS mir ± 500°/sec for X-Y-Z Axis
Tail-Impulse                             1500us/970us/760us     
Tail-Frequency                         50Hz – 333Hz
Swash-plate-Frequency        50Hz – 200Hz       
Swash-plate-Types                90°  120°  135° (140°)
Dimensions                              29.5 x 32 x 16mm
Weight                                       15g
Operate Voltage                      4.8~8.4V


1. Very precise electronic 3-axis stabilising system
2. OLED Display with icon-based user interface
3. Touch-Pad’ for easy programming without the need of additional hardware
4. Supports normal PPM receivers, Spektrum & JR satellite-receivers, Futaba S-Bus receivers and many others
5. Suitable for Futaba and JR Servo- & RC-plug-systems
6. Compact size and lightweight
7. High-quality aluminum case for optimal heat dissipation