Thunder Tiger CORP. -- TG7000 GYRO w/DS0606 SERVO NO.8071

TG7000 GYRO w/DS0606 SERVO

Item No. 8071
Control Digital Proportional Integration Control 
Sensor SMM Gyroscope 
Voltage(V) DC4.8V~6.0V 
Operation Temperature -10~45°C 
Dimension LxWxH(mm) 25.9 x 24.9 x 20.4 (mm) 
Weight(g/oz) 23.5 / 0.83 (g/oz.) 


1) TG-7000 Gyro × 1
2) Mini plastic screwdriver(for adjustment) × 1
3) Double-sided foam × 3
4) Metal plate × 1
5) DS0606 Digital Servo x 1
6) Servo Horn x 2
7) Grommets and mounting hardware set x 1
8) Instruction Manual x 2


Use of the latest SMM (Silicon Micro Machine) sensor eliminates the need for rudder trim changes in flight and provides unmatched performance. It is perfect for electric or nitro powered R/C helicopter.

For beginner, it will greatly reduce the learning process; for experts, it will provide the performance you require. Included with the TG7000 gyro is a Coreless DS0606 high-speed servo. Transit time at 6V is (sec/60°) is .05. Servo case design incorporates a heat sink to ensure solid performance in the most demanding environments.


1)Heading lock mode and normal mode 2) SMM gyro sensor 3) Remote-controlled gain 4) Analog/digital servo compatible 5) Suitable for 760/1520μs digital rudder servo 6) Separated end point adjustment for left and right servo traveling limit 7) Simple wire connection for easy installation 8) Small and light weight