Thunder Tiger CORP. -- ESC-10 NO.8015AC


Item No. 8015AC
Voltage Range(V) 5-10 Cells 
Internal resistance(mΩ)  
Continuous Load(A)  
BEC Voltage(V)  
BEC Current(A) 5V 
Motor Limit  
Reverse Limit (sec)  
Over Load Protection  
Low Battery Cutoff YES 
Setup Procedure  
Governor Mode  
Dimension (mm) 23x17x6 
Weight (g/oz.) 12.5/0.44 


1) Speed Controller x 1
2) Instruction Manaul


ACE RC ESC-10 allow remote control of airborne electric motors from and RC System. It features the latest all-solid state Integrated Circuits, and is capable of supplying up to 14 Amps ( ESC-10 ) of continuous motor current. It is extremely small and lightweight, and fits most airborne installations. Its integrated Battery Eliminator Circuit ( BEC ) powers the receiver from the motor battery, with automatic cutoff of the motor power to preserve receiver power as the battery becomes depleted. Its onboard microprocessor requires no programming, and has built-in safely features to prevent accidental motor startup on powering up.


1) Small, Light-weight & High efficiency 2) BEC Automatic overheat cutoff 3) Safe start up setting 4) Low battery auto cut-off function