Thunder Tiger CORP. -- TS-4n PLUS 3.5 NO.6724-F

TS-4n PLUS 3.5

Item No. 6724-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) 260mm 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 1500g 
Length(mm / in.)  
Width(mm / in.) 200mm 
Height(mm / in.) 125mm 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Enigine Pro-18BX pull-start engine 



The Best Just Got Better!
The TS-4n LUXE/PLUS 3.5 features newly designed 2.4GHz radio system. The TS4 3.5 series provide you the fattest and easiest way to experience the fun of R/C touring car racing.
With the latest developed GP2 2.4GHz pistol grip radio system, the new TS-4n LUXE / PLUS 3.5 offers a comfortable, secure, reliable and interference-free link to your models. Aimed directly at the beginner-to-intermediate nitro touring car market, this is an updated version of our nitro TS-4n series. It is packed with more features designed to get new owners on the street or track faster and more conveniently than ever! The use of triple belt drive train delivers power more efficiently and faster. Standard anodized aluminum 3mm chassis prevents flexes and provides consistent handling and extra durability. The covered receiver and radio box protects the electronics from water and debris. With a powerful and easy tuning engine, 2-speed transmission (LUXE only), preprinted body and more, this is the RTR touring car for your best choice that can bring you the maximum fun!




1.Triple belt, four wheel drive train. (4WD)
2.Newly designed oil-filled shock absorbers
3.Anodized aluminum upper deck
4.Thick 3.0mm anodized countersunk chassis.
5.Convenient one-piece molded RX and battery box
6.Super low CG (Center of Gravity) design
7.Heavy-duty steel drive cup and dog bones
8.Reinforced front upper arm mount
9.Adjustable belt tension cam
10.High performance metal manifold & dual chamber tuned pipe
11.Durable and powerful Pro-18BX pull-start engine
12.Roll over bar/ Car handle



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