Thunder Tiger CORP. -- TOMAHAWK XL 4WD Rally Car NO.6723-F


Item No. 6723-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) 325mm 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 2200g 
Length(mm / in.) 530 mm 
Width(mm / in.) 300mm 
Height(mm / in.)  
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Enigine Pro-18BX 


Relentless Rally Shakedown
An explosive engine roaring sound far away comes to shake the air, at that instant a beast zips past making the dust rise from the ground earth…Have ever heard your heart trembling so fast? No doubt it’s MINI rally power that ignites your passion inside! For sharing the moment of MINI legendary comeback, now the brand new 4WD TOMAHAWK XL with a realistic 1/8 scale MINI WRC body is formally unveiled to provide the most radical driving experience ever. This aggressive vehicle that follows Tomahawk's distant heritage keeps its current impressive drivability and yet still offers a simple chassis that is easy to maintain. Other specific designs including 4 large capacity aluminum oil-filled shock absorbers, high grip rally tires and ultra-long racing suspension arms are also incorporated into this stunning car for easily adapting all terrains including gravel, tarmac and even iced slick roads. All these ground-breaking features have proved TOMAHAWK XL is simply unbeatable in rally!


1.   Preinstalled 2.4GHz radio gears in sealed RX box
2.   Maximum 3 gear differentials upgradeable (Center diff for option)
3.   1:8 4WD shaft driven rally car
4.   4 large capacity oil-filled aluminum shock absorbers
5.   Thick 3.0mm anodized countersunk chassis
6.   Heavy duty fiberglass disc brake
7.   Front and rear universal shaft (CVAs)
8.   Durable & powerful Pro-18BX (3.0cc) engine w/recoil pull start
9.   Aluminum tuned pipe and manifold
10. Full ball bearings on all axles
11. Ultra long racing suspension arms
12. Aluminum toe plate
13. 75cc large capacity fuel tank
14. Pre-printed MINI COUNTRYMAN WRC body.








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