Thunder Tiger CORP. -- HAMMER S18 NO.6719-F

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Item No. 6719-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) (290mm)11.4" 
Weight(g/ lbs.) (3570g)7.87 lbs. 
Length(mm / in.) (437mm)17.2" 
Width(mm / in.) (350mm)13.7" 
Height(mm / in.) (220mm)8.6" 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.) (50mm)1.9" 
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Enigine PRO-18 


RTR Contents Fully factory assembled chassis with complete ACE RC COUGAR PS3-3CH 2.4GHz DIGITAL R/C system installed. Thunder Tiger PRO-18 pullstart start engine mounted. Pre-cut body with complete printing and decals applied. Batteries not included.


Small scale, big attitude! 

 The HAMMER S18 is another industry first from Thunder Tiger, with a powerful PRO-18 sized engine packed into a micro 1/12th scale monster truck, the performance is outstanding !! The HAMMER S18 features an extruded chassis and newly designed small reinforced metal diff gear to handle its power-ful PRO18 engine and helps to ensure that you can obtain the ultimate power and torque when it is needed. Because of its unique size, the HAMMER S18 will out accel-erate most 1/8th big monster trucks and with its agile handling, you will enjoy this new way to drive.


1.PRO-18 Engine with pull start or shaft start
2.Metal gear servo for throttle control
3.Lightweight extruded aluminum chassis
4.Newly designed front & rear bevel differentials
5.Metal-geared 2 speed transmission.
6.Heavy duty universal CVA
7.Dual-brake discs
8.High grip all terrain monster truck tires
9.Impact absorbing front & rear bumper
10.Sealed RX & battery box
11.Pivot ball suspension system.
12.Aluminum tuned pipe and manifold
13.8 oil-filled long stroke shock absorbers
14.Large capacity 105c.c. fuel tank
15.Full ball bearings installed

Aluminum tuned pipe and manifold

PRO-18 engine with pull start

Heavy duty universal CVA

Lightweight extruded aluminum chassis

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