Thunder Tiger CORP. -- TS4e NO.6582-F


Item No. 6582-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) 260mm 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 1400g 
Length(mm / in.) 420mm 
Width(mm / in.) 190mm 
Height(mm / in.) 125mm 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Motor 540 brushless Motor 



The all new TS4e 1/10 electric touring cars are available Ready-To-Run. 
No. 6582 TS4e
The TS4e is equipped with dual belt, 4 wheel drive train, one IBL36 3300Kv brushless motor and brushless motor speed control. The independent double wishbone suspension with four adjustable oil-filled dampers smooth out the rough terrain. Offering with array of hop-up parts and fully adjustable suspension setting give you a wider range for rebuilding your car from the beginner to intermediate racer. With 100% assembled out of the box, the TS-4e 1/10 electric touring cars are available Ready-To-Run, all the electronics are included and installed with a factory printed racing sports body.

Scale: 1:10
Chassis: innovative composite nylon
Motor: 540 brushless
Drive: four-wheel drive
Transmission: two belts
Differential: front & rear
ESC: fwd/brake, reverse
Shock absorbers: 4 plastic oil-filled
Top speed: 60 Km/h (brushless)
Transmitter: 2 channels. 2.4 GHz



-Latest 2.4GHz radio included and installed 
- Factory printed Lexan racing body. 
- Double belt, four wheel drive train. 
- Electric speed control and 540-3300kv brushless motor. 
- Front and rear differentials. 
- Strong, fiberglass reinforced composite parts. 
- Rigid, composite tub chassis.

- Double wishbone front suspension. 
- On-road style front knuckle. 
- Adjustable fr caster, fr toe-in. 
- Adjustable, true Ackerman steering system. 
- Three-point rear suspension link. 
- Oil filled, composite shocks. 
- Ball bearings included. 
- Front and rear dog bone and drive axles. 
- Adjustable belt tension cam.



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