Thunder Tiger CORP. -- TS2e NO.6580-F


Item No. 6580-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) 260mm 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 1400g 
Length(mm / in.) 420mm 
Width(mm / in.) 190mm 
Height(mm / in.) 125mm 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Motor 540 brushed motor. 



The all new TS2e 1/10 electric touring car is available Ready To Run,
Thunder Tiger’s NEW TS2e is equipped with single belt, rear wheel drive train, one powerful S540 motor and electric speed control. The rear independent suspension with two adjustable oil-filled dampers smooths out the rough terrain. Offering with array of hop-up parts and fully adjustable suspension setting give you a wider range for rebuilding your car from the beginner to intermediate racer. With 100% assembled out of the box, the TS-2e 1/10 electric touring cars are available Ready-To-Run, all the electronics are included and installed with a factory printed racing sports body.

Scale: 1:10
Chassis: innovative composite nylon
Motor: 540 brushed motor
Drive: rear-wheel drive
Transmission: one belt
Differential: rear
ESC: fwd/brake, reverse
Shock absorbers: plastic,
Top speed: 40 Km/h
Transmitter: 2 channels. 2.4 GHz



 -Latest 2.4GHz radio included and installed 
- Factory printed Lexan racing body. 
- One belt, rear wheel drive train. 
- Electric speed control with 540 brushed motor. 
- Rear differential. 
- Strong, fiberglass reinforced composite parts. 
- Rigid, composite tub chassis. 
- Rear Independent suspension. 
- F1 style front suspension 
- Adjustable, true Ackerman steering system. 
- Three-point rear suspension link. 
- Oil filled, composite shocks. 
- Ball bearings and metal bushings included. 
- Rear dog bone and drive axle.



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