Thunder Tiger CORP. -- SB5 Electric Racing Bike  NO.6573-K

SB5 Electric Racing Bike 

Item No. 6573-K
Wheelbase(mm / in.) (288mm)11.3" 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 1420g 
Length(mm / in.) (410mm)16.1" 
Width(mm / in.) (128mm)5" 
Height(mm / in.) (254mm)10" 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  


Items Required
●R/C Unit: 2-channel R/C system-Transmitter, Receiver, Servo
●Battery: 7.2V Racing Pack or equivalent
●Electronic Speed Control and Motor
●Battery Charger
●Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter
●Paint: Polycarbonate safe spray or brush-on


Electric Shock !
The Thunder Tiger 1:5 SB-5 Electric Super Bike KIT is designed to stun and break quite a few of the conventional rules in the rc motorbike world. Built for speed and high-performance, a quick glimpse reveals that the SB-5 is packed with revolutionary features such as 4mm carbon plate front fork, carbon plates chassis, carbon rear swing arm, integrated micro servo in the front brake caliper, one-piece rider & body, and quick-remove battery tray.  
Other important details of the new SB-5 bike include an adjustable slip clutch integrated in the 48DP main gear for cleaner exiting on bends, EFRA & ROAR legal 2s hardcase Li-Po battery holder, wheels compatible with current standard 1:5 scale motorcycle racing tires, and dampers compatible with most 1:10 touring car springs.


1.Carbon fiber frame
2.Parallel link front suspension with adjustable rake
3.Dual steering dampers
4.Belt drive
5.Nylon crash bars
6.Two-piece plastic wheels
7.Adjustable slipper clutch
8.Slick tires with moulded insert
9.Lexan bodywork with integrated rider
10.Rear support stand included
11.Optional front brakes with integrated servo

Parallel link front suspension

Dual steering dampers

Belt drive

Adjustable slipper clutch

Support stand included

Lexan bodywork with integrated rider

Slick tires with moulded insert

Nylon crash bars

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List