Thunder Tiger CORP. -- TIGER CRAWLER ARTR  NO.6543-A


Item No. 6543-A
Wheelbase(mm / in.) 200mm(7.9") 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 817g(1.8Ibs) 
Length(mm / in.) 290mm(11.4") 
Width(mm / in.) 190mm(7.5") 
Height(mm / in.) 140mm(5.5") 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Motor 280Motor 



The Conqueror !

Conquer your world with the 1:18 Electric-Powered Rock Crawler.
The smallest hobby-grade rock crawler is out and this ready-to-run 1/18-scale Tiger Crawler has the DNA of full-scale rock crawlers, but injected into a small platform.

The truly innovative Tiger Crawler features a multi-link suspension with lower bend links, full-time locked differentials, a 5-Gear center-mounted transmission, a high-torque, low-speed motor and a mini-electronic speed control (ESC) specifically re-tuned for rock crawling. To top it all, the machine is factory water-proofed with the receiver box and servo housings designed for radical water crossings. It is nothing less than an obstacle conqueror!

Get close to this little crawler to find out some more shocking features.

The Tiger Crawler is also available in a 2.4GHz Ready-To-Run configuration: Ref. Nbr. 6543-F


  • Water-proof sealed receiver box and servo housings for ultimate performance

  • Multi-link suspension with lower bend links for added ground and obstacle clearance

  • 4 long adjustable shocks with springs for maximum articulation

  • Heavy duty nylon ring and pinion gears for increased durability

  • High-torque and low speed 280 Size motor designed specifically for crawling

  • All new solid axles feature an improved driveshaft angle  

  • Telescoping/sliding driveshafts with universal yokes to optimize the suspension angle for free rotation

  • 5-Gear center-mounted transmission for effective power transfer to the front and rear

  • Full-time 4WD with locked differentials for all wheels to get maximum traction

  • Full ball bearings to maximize power and torque

  • Pre-glued super soft rock crawler tires supply the grip for confident crawling

  • Aggressive-style nylon wheels (Wheel weights also available.)

  • Bumpers protect both the front and rear, and won’t hang up on obstacles.

  • Mini crawler specific electronic FWD/REV speed controller offers smooth, precise control

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