Thunder Tiger CORP. -- SPARROWHAWK XXT NO.6541-F


Item No. 6541-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) (288mm)11.33 in. 
Weight(g/ lbs.) (1660g) 58.5 oz.(Battery Not lncluded) 
Length(mm / in.) (435mm)17.2 in. 
Width(mm / in.) (331mm)13.03 in. 
Height(mm / in.) (165mm)6.49in. 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.) (34mm)1.33 in. 
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Motor RIPPER brushless motor IBL36-540C 3300Kv 


RTR Set contents:
1. Factory-assembled chassis with installed electronics
2. Printed and trimmed body complete with decals
3. ACE RC R/C Cougar 2.4G pistol type transmitter
4. AA-sized batteries (8) for transmitter, and six-cell Ni-MH sub-C battery pack and charger sold separately
Super Combo Contents:
1. 2400Mah Rechargeable Ni-MH sub-C battery pack and AC/DC auto detect charger included.


Brushless Power Inside
Stunning Performance Outside!

The SPARROWHAWK XXT is Thunder Tiger's first-ever brushless motor-equipped 4WD 1/10th scale buggy/stadium truck. The ACE RC brushless system rocks! The SPARROWHAWK XXT  is factory-equipped with the latest ACE RC brushless ESC & RIPPER brushless motor to push the electric-powered R/C car into the next ultimate level. Packed with the latest technology, the SPARROWHAWK XXT is simply unbeatable.

Thunder Tiger's RIPPER brushless motors are sensorless-type motors, and that means nearly twice as efficient as brushed motors but with much less maintenance!
If you are seeking higher speeds, more extreme torques, then the SPARROWHAWK XXT is exactly what you are looking for!


1. 100% factory-assembled and printed
2. Composite tub chassisw/countersunk battery tray
3. 4WD shaft driven off-road buggy/truggy
4. Front and rear universal (CVA)
5. 4 oil-filled coil over shock absorbers w/ aluminum caps
6. Standard competition slipper clutch
7. Full ball bearings on axles
8. Cast aluminum motor plate and mount
9. Ultra long racing suspension arms
10. Hardened-steel gear differentials
11. Hardened-steel adjustable turnbuckles and steering tie rods
12. Race ready glued wheels and tires
13. ACE RC Cougar P3i 2.4G radio gear w/ pistol transmitter
14. ACE RC BLC-40C brushless electronic speed control
15. RIPPER brushless motor IBL36-540C 3900Kv /3300Kv
16. Fully upgradeable with hop-ups

Available with blue bodysheell also

ACE RC brushless power system inside

4 oil-filled shocks w/aluminum caps

Ultra long racing suspension arms

Lay down steering servo installation

New adjustable slipper clutch

7mm thick crash resistant composite shock

Fully adjustable racing suspension geometry

Ultra tough 3.0mm anodized chassis

Ultra long racing wishbones for extra strength

Hardened-steel gear differentials

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List