Thunder Tiger CORP. -- SPARROWHAWK VX  KIT NO.6538-K


Item No. 6538-K
Wheelbase(mm / in.) 263.5mm (10.38in) 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 1100g Approx. (2.42lb) 
Length(mm / in.) 368mm (14.50in) 
Width(mm / in.) 190.5mm (79.50in) 
Height(mm / in.)  
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  


Items Required
●R/C Unit: 2-channel R/C system-Transmitter, Receiver, Servo
●Battery: 7.2V Racing Pack or equivalent
●Electronic Speed Control
●Battery Charger
●Alkaline Batteries for Transmitter


Based on the original SPARROWHAWK VX chassis, Thunder Tiger now offers its assembly kit with a modified version of the race-ready chassis.

The upgrades include four complete independent oil-filled shocks, aluminum drive shaft, stiffer shock springs, complete bearings on drivetrain, steering and wheels and a new added front differential on the 6538 SPARROWHAWK VX assembly kit with an "absolute" list of licensed bodies (finished or clear).

This chassis requires only few parts to be finished and is much easier for beginners to assemble. All performance features of the original car remain unchanged, even better, a stock SUPER 17 motor is now installed.

This assembly chassis kit includes a high performance 540 type 17 turn electric motor and highly detailed clear polycarbonate body shell.
Requires (not included) a 7.2V running battery, electric speed control, and radio electronics.

Versions available are : 

Clear Body   Painted Body   
6538-K11     6538-K11B        SPARROWHAWK KIT, BMW WTCC#1
6538-K12     6538-K12B        SPARROWHAWK KIT, IMPREZA WRC'07
6538-K13     6538-K13B        SPARROWHAWK KIT, BMW M6
6538-K16     6538-K16B        SPARROWHAWK KIT, NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R R34
6538-K17     6538-K17B        SPARROWHAWK KIT, NISSAN 350Z
6538-K18     6538-K18B        SPARROWHAWK KIT, AUDI TT
6538-K19     6538-K19B        SPARROWHAWK KIT, NISMO Z-TUNE


1. Composite tub chassis w/countersunk battery tray
2. AWD shaft drivetrain system
3. Full ball bearings
4. Cast aluminum motor plate and mount
5. Fully adjustable suspension
6. Hardened steel gear differentials
7. Carbon plastic suspension components
8. Assembled and glued wheels and tires
9. Independent composite shocks
10. Fully upgradeable with hop-ups
11. Super performance 17 Turn Sports Motor

Composite tub chassis w/countersunk battery tray

AWD shaft drivetrain system

Cast aluminum motor plate and mount

Fully adjustable suspension

Independent composite shocks

Front and rear universal dog bones(CVA)

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List