Thunder Tiger CORP. -- SPARROWHAWK XT NO.6537-F


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Item No. 6537-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) 277.83mm 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 1.66kg 
Length(mm / in.) 435.48 mm 
Width(mm / in.) 331.72 mm 
Height(mm / in.) 165.2 mm 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.) 34 mm 
Drive train/Pulley ratio 1:11.08 
Motor 19-turn SUPER SPORTS motor 


RTR Set contents: - Factory assembled chassis with installed electronics - Printed and trimmed body complete with decals - ACE RC R/C COUGAR PS3 2.4GHz 3-Channel stick/ wheel-type transmitter - AA-sized batteries (8) for transmitter, and six-cell Ni-MH sub-C battery pack and charger are sold separately


That’s What 4WD Off-road Stadium Racers Should Be !!!

The Thunder Tiger SPARROWHAWK XT sets the standard in1/10 scale 4WD electric stadium, and takes aim at giving bashers out there the fastest and most affordable electric stadium racer ever.

The XT is designed with the same wide-width suspension and 4-wheel drive capability as the TOMAHAWK ST, but the XT’s drivability totally out-performs all of its electric competitors. The XT sports a new look and delivers much more power with its Super Sports 19-Turn 550 type modified motor, high-power forward / reverse / brake Veloci RS ESC and an externally adjustable dual-pad slipper clutch for transferring power to the ground more efficiently and effectively.

The XT’s extended battery tray allows for better flexibly and more muscular power systems than ever. Equipped with a battery pack of up to 8.4V (not included), the XT throws a wicked bottom-end torque for amazing launches, rock-fast accelerations and extended run times than with a regular 7.2V battery.

The XT is built tough for rough and tumble play and immediately adds to your racing edge with its full sets of ball bearing, a fully adjustable suspension, 4 sets of oil-filled shocks, a reinforced dual-deck layout composite chassis and the heavy-duty steel CVAs.

Its speed, durability, and versatility enable the XT to go where other electric 4WD stadium trucks wouldn’t dare. 


6537-F*1 Blue

6537-F*2 Red


1. 100% factory assembled
2. Composite tub chassiswith countersunk battery tray
3. 4WD shaft driven off-road truck
4. Front and rear universal (CVA)
5. oil-filled coils over shock absorbers
6. Full ball bearings on axles
7. Cast aluminum motor plate and mount
8. Extra long racing suspension arms
9. Hardened steel gear differentials
10. Race ready glued wheels and tires
11. ACE RC R/C 2.4GHz 3-Channel radio gear
12. High performance electronic speed control
13. Super performance 19 Turn 550 type Motor
14. Fully upgradeable with hop-ups
15. Competition slipper clutch

Race ready drivetrain

Adjustable rear toe and anti squat plate

Adjustable shock positions

Ultra tough 3.0 mm anodized chassis

Lay down steering servo installation

Fully adjustable racing suspension geometry

Interchangeable steel gear differentials

New adjustable slipper clutch

Fully ballraced drive train

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