Thunder Tiger CORP. -- SPARROWHAWK DX NO.6534-F


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Item No. 6534-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) (263.65mm)10.38 in 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 2.42 lbs. (1100g,approx.) battery not include 
Length(mm / in.) (368mm)14.50in 
Width(mm / in.) (190.5mm)79.50in 
Height(mm / in.)  
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  


1. 100% factory assembled chassis with complete ACE RC JG-3CH R/C system installed.
2. ACE R/C VELOCI-R forward/reverse ESC mounted.
3. Loaded with Super Sports 17T motor.
4. Pre-cut body with complete painting and decals applied.
*Battery pack and charger may need to be purchased separately.


 Drift Your Heart!

The Sparrowhawk DX is a new chassis derived from the original Sparrowhawk VX; upgraded with specifically-designed slick drift tires and stunning body kits for high-performance drifts. Now equipped with four oil-filled shock absorbers, the Sparrowhawk DX is the only Ready Set car equipped with LED control system and 14-20 LED lights ( accurate LED numbers varies according to car body style), creating realistic LED light effects when used on a stunning tuner lexan polycarbonate body and chrome-plated light casings. Headlights, tail lights, passing and turn signal lights, brake lights, fog lights, blinking hazard lights, quick-flash during acceleration and incredible reverse sound. Everything is included in the box, no modification required! For all those who want to take their tuner car body to the extreme.

*Available in 4 kinds of  pre-painted scheme






1.4WD shaft-driven bathtub chassis w/ countersunk battery tray
2.Full ball bearings
3.Cast aluminum motor plate and mount
4.Full double wishbone adjustable suspension
5.Hardened steel gear differentials and sealed gear box
6.Carbon plastic suspension components
7.Assembled and glued chrome wheels and slick drift tires
8.Independent oil-filled coil-over shocks
9.Fully upgradeable with hop-ups
10.ACE RC R/C AM 2-Channel radio gear
11.Digital programming electronic speed control
12.Super performance 17 Turn 540 type Sports Motor

Fully licensed replica with realistic car look.

Realistic LED light actions

Chrome-plated rear hrome exhaust

Chrome-plated light casings

New 26mm drift tires w/ ten-spokes chrome wheels

Includes 14-20 LEDs and LED control box

Full ball bearings for 100% power transmission

Interchangeable F/R steel gear differentials (OP)

Cast aluminum motor plate and mount

Independent oil-filled coil-over shocks

Super performance 17 Turn Sports Motor

Front & Rear sealed gear box

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