Thunder Tiger CORP. -- EB-4 S2.5 Rally Game  (RtR) NO.6242-F

EB-4 S2.5 Rally Game  (RtR)

Item No. 6242-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) 315mm-320mm 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 3100g 
Length(mm / in.) 540mm 
Width(mm / in.)  
Height(mm / in.)  
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Enigine Pro-21BX-R 


Most Aggressive Racer Simply
Inheriting MINI Cooper S Countryman's veritable global icon proved by its giant victories in no less than three Rally Monte Carlo in the 1960s, the new born MINI Countryman WRC formally announces its strong intention to dominate World Rally Championship. Now Thunder Tiger is excited to release the brand new EB4 S2.5 Rally Game with official licensed MINI Countryman WRC racing body for celebrating the legendary comeback. Most reliable ACE R/C 3-Ch COOGAR P3 2.4GHz radio system, high torque S2008MG steering servo,
PRO-21 engine with explosive thrust performance, all come together to create such awesome machine that not only cranks out enormous power but brings security and precision in control. The revolutionary 3mm thick counter-sunk chassis with tub side guards and dust-proof radio box as well as the adjustable ride-height also enables the car to easily adapt all track conditions. With all these fantastic features, the EB4 S2.5 Rally Game is ready to roar in rally world.

-Length: 540mm (21.2")
-Width: 295-305mm (11.6"-12.0")
-Wheelbase: Adjustable from315-320mm (12.4"-12.6")
-Front Kick-Up: 0 °
-Front Caster: 18°- 25°
-Rear Anti-Dive: 2°
-Rear Tor-In: 1°- - 2.5°
-Weight: 3.1kg w/engine, tuned pipe, servos
-Tire Type: Rally Grip 97mm*42mm (3.81" * 1.65")
-Radio Type: COUGAR 3CH 2.4GHz radio system
-Kit: RTR


1.  100% Assembled
2.  ACE RC 3-CH 2.4GHz Cougar P3 included
3.  High Torque Steering Servo
4.  Official licensed MINI Countryman WRC Rally Body
5.  Race-Proven Suspension Geometry
6.  Durable Gear Differential System
7.  Thunder Tiger PRO-21 BX-R Engine with Pull Start
8.  Double High-Density Annular Foams Air Filter
9.  Strong Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Parts
10.Sturdy Alum. Chassis
11.Ergal Front Shock Tower
12.Ergal Rear Shock Tower
13.Ergal Steering Slider
14.Ergal Center Diff Top Plate
15.High Grip Rally Tyre
16.Adjustable Alum. Large Volume, Competition Shocks
17.Front Ball Type Universal Drive Shaft
18.Vented Flywheel
19.Performance Tuned Pipe and Manifold
20.Adjustable Toe-In/Camber/Caster Angle









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