Thunder Tiger CORP. -- ER-1 Sport NO.6238-F


ER-1 Sport

Item No. 6238-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) (340-344mm)13.2"-13.6" 
Weight(g/ lbs.) (3540g,approx)7.84 lbs. 
Length(mm / in.) (550-630mm)22"-24.8" 
Width(mm / in.) (255mm)10.4" 
Height(mm / in.) (140mm,approx)5.51" 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.) (10-30mm)0. 39"-1.18" 
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Enigine PRO-28BX Pull Start 


RTR Contents Fully factory assembled chassis with complete ACE RC COUGAR PS3 2.4GHz  3CH R/C system installed. Thunder Tiger PRO-28 pullstart engine mounted. Pre-cut body with complete printing and decals applied. Batteries not included. 




No limits R/C Fun!

Inside its stunningly realistic, true scale body, a Thunder Tiger PRO-28 engine is ready to roar! The ER-1 Sport comes 100% factory assembled and Ready-to-Run with pre-glued wheels and tyres, along with the ever reliable ACE R/C 3-Ch COOGAR PS3 2.4GHz radio system and a S1903MG steering servo. A 3mm thick counter-sunk chassis with tub side guards and dust-proof radio box protects the car from water or mud and the adjustable ride-height enables you to tune for different track conditions. Sixty percent of the parts are based on the race proven EB-4 S3, including the spiral gear differentials, rigid bulkhead, and adjustable pivot-ball style.


1. Titanium color anodized radio tray, center diff brace and steering brace
2. Anodized metal oil-filled shock absorbers
3. Pre-painted body shells for outstanding look
4. Tall bolt-on chassis side guards to keep debris out.
5. Special designed spoke wheels & high grip tires provide an abundance of traction.
6. Lightweight spur gears and heavy duty threaded pinion delivers higher top speed and allows installation of  optional 2 speed transmission.
7. Equipped with Thunder Tiger Pro-28 (4.60C.C.) pull start engine.
8. High impact front molded bumper
9. Fully adjustable pivot balls provide camber and caster tuning options for desired handling characteristics.
10. Racing style two-stage air filter.
11. Front CV style axles hold up to extreme acceleration.
12. Convenient roll bar is designed for multiple functions as a carry handle.
13. Unique pivot ball arm mounts facilitate hinge pin mounting and tuning.
14. Lay-down steering servo for low center of gravity.
15. Metal gear steering servo increases drivability
16. High capacity 150c.c. Fuel tank with fuel splash guard.
17. Adjustable ride height.
18. Sturdy front and rear chassis stiffeners
19. Full set of ball bearings
20. All new SUV bodies available: BMW X5, VW TOURAEG, AUDI Q7 MITSUBISHI PAJERO
21. SUV Realistic Wheel and Tire Thunder Tiger scale SUV car bodyshells fit on 6234-F ER-1 and 6238-F ER-1 Sport.

The features of Official Licnes SUV body :

1. High quality polycarbonate body material
2. Fully licensed replica with realistic suv car look
3. Photorealistic precut premium vinyl decals
4. Precut vinyl window masks ( Clear body only)
5. Dimple marks for body post drill locations & cutting lines that fits ER-1 series
6. Overspray film protects the body while you paint the body ( Clear body only)
7. Decal and mounting instruction sheet included

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List