Thunder Tiger CORP. -- ST-1 PRO NO.6237-K10


Item No. 6237-K10
Wheelbase(mm / in.) (349-365mm)13.75"-14.37" 
Weight(g/ lbs.) (3920g,approx)8.64 lbs. 
Length(mm / in.) (485mm)19.09" 
Width(mm / in.) (380mm?5mm)15"?.2" 
Height(mm / in.) (182mm)7.17" 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.) (48mm)1.9" 
Drive train/Pulley ratio  


KIT Contents (Engine, radio gear and servos are not included in the kit. Clear body shell, wheels and tyres included)


PRO Competition Truggy Straight Out of the Box!

The ST-1 PRO is purpose built to be the fastest Truggy and provides better handling than any other competition Truggy available.

With the EB-4 S3, winner of the 2006 1:8 Scale Buggy ROAR National Championship as its base, the ST-1 PRO has the proven bloodlines to dominate the field. This Truggy has been armed with some no-nonsense competition parts, such as ultra-long suspension arms, lightweight suspension pivot balls and a race proven 7075-T6 aluminum chassis for excellent handling. An oversized 150cc fuel tank meets ROAR Truggy racing regulations and a large fuel splashguard prevents fueling mistakes to guarantee your victory at the track. To summarize in one word, the ST-1 PRO is the new definition of PERFORMANCE.





1.Low center of gravity for best handling
2.Lightweight and rigid 7075-T6 aluminum chassis
3.Newly designed upper arms and adjustable length turnbuckle links
4.Long travel front and rear suspension and hardened, lightweight pivot balls
5.Aluminum oil-filled shocks with 3.5mm diameter shock shafts
6.Newly developed zero-offset racing dish wheels
7.150cc fuel tank and large fuel splash guard
8.Front torque rod and high strength 7075 rear chassis braces
9.Heavy duty CVD shaft set
10.Molded rear wing assembly
11.Optional arm mounts for toe-in and roll center adjustments are included
12.Front and rear sway bars included
13.Hardened steel spur gear and racing clutch bell for maximum durability and acceleration
14.Front and rear fuel-resistant brake disks

Lightweight and rigid 7075-T6 aluminum chassis

Newly developed zero-offset racing dish wheels







150 cc fuel tank and large fuel splash guard

Front and rear fuel-resistant brake disks


Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List