Thunder Tiger CORP. -- EB-4 S3 Rally Game NO.6232-K10


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EB-4 S3 Rally Game

Item No. 6232-K10
Wheelbase(mm / in.) Adjustable from 320mm to 330mm 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 3350g/7.4Ib approx 
Length(mm / in.)  
Width(mm / in.) 305mm/12in 
Height(mm / in.) 180mm/7.08in 
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  


KIT Contents (Engine, radio gear, servos and body shellare not included in the kit. Wheels and tyres included)


1:8 Nitro Powered 4WD Rally Game Based on the EB-4 Pro level buggy, this car design shares the same outstanding suspension and shock absorbers that the EB-4 S2 features. Maximum flexibility to set to different track conditions. Tons of steering and perfect handling let the car perform like a real rally racer.


1) Unique Delta-Box machined hardened chassis provides more rigidity than a conventional stamped chassis.
2) Patent captured hinge pins no E CLIPS needed, also prevents bound up suspension components.
3) Front A-arm with adjustable Pivot-Ball Suspension
4) A7075-T6 Shock absorber cap provides longer reliability.
5) A7075-T6 Front/Rear shock towers
6) A7075-T6 Engine deck for easy installation.
7) AB (Anti-Bumping) shocks with 3.5mm shafts provide various damping and rebounding.
8) Ultra long, light weight suspension arms
9) Small transmission bulkheads with gasket
10) CNC machined dual composite heavy duty and ultra light brake disc offers stable braking power with its anti-oil (water) formula.
11) Dual fuel pick up.
12) Graphite front brace, radio tray and center diff top plate.
13) Heavy duty CVD universal drive trains(Front/Center/Rear)
14) Enclosed radio box protects receiver and batteries from any foreign elements.
15) Laid down steering servo for low center of gravity
16) Complete set of rubber-sealed ball bearings included.
17) Fully adjustable Toe, Caster and Ackerman.

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