Thunder Tiger CORP. -- EB-4-S2 PRO NO.6226-F


Item No. 6226-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) (315mm-320mm)12.4"-12.6" 
Weight(g/ lbs.) (3100g)109.35 oz. 
Length(mm / in.)  
Width(mm / in.) (300mm)11.8" 
Height(mm / in.)  
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Enigine PRO-21 


          RTR Contents Fully factory assembled chassis with complete ACE RC COUGAR PS3 2.4GHz 3CH DIGITAL Radio system installed. Thunder Tiger PRO-21 pullstart engine mounted. Pre-cut body with complete printing and decals applied. Batteries not included.


Introducing the EB-4 S2 Ready-To-Run 1/8 scale nitro buggy. The S2 package boosts a powerful Thunder Tiger PRO-21BX-R engine with a tuned high performance muffler for competition level performance. All assembly has been completed for you. Simply install your batteries in both transmitter/receiver and get ready to rip. You will be happy to know that your S2 comes with a race legal 125cc fuel tank with a flip-top design to make refueling fast. What this means is more time driving less time in the pits. While driving the S2 you notice the easy handling characteristics due to the high torque steering servos supplied with each an every S2. The S2 heritage started from the National Champion EB-4, now with this addition of high performance engine, tuned muffler, and servos you will enjoy the S2 at a whole new level. Body has been pre-painted so you can enjoy your new EB-4 right out of the box. EB-4 S2 provides true Ready-To-Run performance!


1.100% Assembled
2.ACE RC 3-CH 2.4GHz Cougar PS3 included
3.High Torque Steering Servo
4.Printed Body with Decals
5.Race-Proven Suspension Geometry
6.Durable Gear Differential System
7.Thunder Tiger PRO-21 BX-R Engine with Pull Start
8.Double High-Density Annular Foams Air Filter
9.Strong Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Parts
10.Sturdy Alum. Chassis
11.Ergal Front Shock Tower
12.Ergal Rear Shock Tower
13.Ergal Steering Slider
14.Ergal Center Diff Top Plate
15.High Performance Rubber Tyre
16.Adjustable Alum. Large Volume, Competition Shocks
17.Front Ball Type Universal Drive Shaft
18.Vented Flywheel
19.Performance Tuned Pipe and Manifold
20.Adjustable Toe-In/Camber/Caster Angle

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