Thunder Tiger CORP. -- TS-4n Luxe NO.6169-F

TS-4n Luxe

Item No. 6169-F
Wheelbase(mm / in.) 265mm 
Weight(g/ lbs.) (1500g)3.30 lbs. 
Length(mm / in.) (265mm)10.43" 
Width(mm / in.)  
Height(mm / in.)  
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Enigine PRO-12BX 


Fully factory assembled chassis with complete ACE RC COUGAR PS3 2.4GHz 3CH R/C system installed. Thunder Tiger PRO-12BX (2.11 cc) engine mounted. Pre-cut body with complete printing and decals applied. Batteries not included.


The Best Just Got Better! The TS-4n Luxe/Plus were refined out of original 6166/6167 TS-4n Pro/Sport series. Featur-ing newly designed chassis and updated parts, the TS4 series again provides you the easiest way to experience the fun of R/C.


1.Triple belt, four wheel drivetrain. (4WD)
2.Newly designed oil-filled shock absorbers
3.Anodized aluminum upper deck
4.Thick 3.0mm anodized countersunk chassis.
5.Convenient one-piece molded RX and battery box.
6.Super low CG (Center of Gravity) design.
7.Heavy-duty steel drive cup and dog bones.
8.Reinforced front upper arm mount
9.Adjustable turnbuckles and camber link
10.Adjustable belt tension cam
11.High performance metal manifold & dual chamber tuned pipe
12.Durable and powerful Pro-12BX pull-start engine
13.Roll over bar/ Car handle
14.Full array of bodies are available

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