Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Victoria NO.5556


Item No. 5556
Length(mm / in.) (779mm)30.7" 
Beam(mm / in.) (197mm)7.7" 
Mast Height(mm / in.) (1086mm)42.8" 
Sail Area(sq. dm² / (28.6dm²)433 
Overall Height(mm / in.)  
Overall Weight(g / oz.) (2100g)4.6 lbs. 


A Class of Its Own

Standing over four feet tall, the Victoria is a stately and lovely lady. A one piece molded hull/deck makes assembly very quick and enjoyable. Colorful sails, bright trim, and deck details make this vessel look fantastic both on the water and on display.

The Victoria has been so popular as an economical - yet high performance sailing vessel - that the American Model Yachting Association has established a Victoria Racing Class with a regional and national racing schedule.


Quality One-Piece ABS Hull/Deck
Factory Painted & Low Drag Hydrodynamic Ballast
Light & Strong Anodized Mast & Boom
High Performance Plus Tear Resist Racing Sails
Removable Mast/Sails Design For Easy Transport
Wood Display Stand Included


Spare Parts List