Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Naulantia 1M Racing Yacht (Y) NO.5549-Y

Naulantia 1M Racing Yacht (Y)

Item No. 5549-Y
Length(mm / in.) 1000mm/39.4" 
Beam(mm / in.) 160mm/6.75" 
Mast Height(mm / in.) 1306mm/51.4'' 
Sail Area(sq. dm² / 39.9dm²/ 
Overall Height(mm / in.) 1580mm/67" 
Overall Weight(g / oz.) 3.5kg/7.7Ib 


Naulantia 1M Racing Yacht is equipped with rigid ABS blow hull, tear- resistant racing sails, and low drag steel ballast. High quality display stand is included. Mid to light winds are suggested when sailing Naulantia. There are 3 colors for option. Go fulfill your sailing dream. Let Naulantia take you to where you want to go.


1. Factory Pre- painted Light and Rigid  ABS Blow Hull
2. Low Drag Hydrodynamic Steel Ballast 
3. Scale-like Deck Decorations
4. Rigid Extruded Al Booms & Mast
5. Display Stand Included
6. Available in Three Colors

Spare Parts List