Thunder Tiger CORP. -- CHINA TEAM 1M America's Cup Racing Yacht NO.5546


CHINA TEAM 1M America's Cup Racing Yacht

Item No. 5546
Length(mm / in.) (1000mm)39.4" 
Beam(mm / in.) (172mm)6.75" 
Mast Height(mm / in.) (1,306mm)51.4" 
Sail Area(sq. dm² / (48dm²) 
Overall Height(mm / in.) (1,700mm)67" 
Overall Weight(g / oz.) (3.5kg)7.7lb 


Sea Dragon
The China Team is the very first racing yacht to carry the Chinese flag in the America's Cup long and celebrated history. During the 32nd America's Cup, the China Team was the only participating Asian racing yacht and it revived China's ancient and prestigious maritime history.

Today, Thunder Tiger introduces this gorgeous scale racing yacht. Its striking color scheme, scale fittings and imposing size make it a sure winner both at the docks and on the high seas.



Quality Factory Pre-painted Fiberglass Hull
High Performance Plus“Tear Resist” Racing Sails
Light yet Rigid Extruded Aluminum Booms and Mast
Stabilized Low Drag Hydrodynamic Steel Ballast
Black Anodized Aluminum Stand Included
Officially Licensed by China Team

Aluminum stand included

Spare Parts List