Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Neptune SB-1 Submarine Kit NO.5220-K


Neptune SB-1 Submarine Kit

Item No. 5220-K
Displacement(mm / in.) 7.7kg surface, 7.95 kg submerged 
Length(mm / in.) 774mm 
Height(mm / in.) 285mm 
Beam(mm / in.) 290mm 
Draft(mm / in.) 200mm 
Propeller 3 blades OD:40mm Pitch:41mm 
Speed 1.45knots(2.7km/h) surface, 1.08knots(2km/h) subme 
Operating Diving Depth(mm / in.) 5M 
Max. Diving Depth(mm / in.) 10M (mechanical limit) 
Propulsion Motor 12V motor 


1) Complete Neptune SB-1 Mechanish parts x 1 set
2) 12V Lead-Acid Battery & Charger x1 set
3) Assembly tool set x 1 set
4) Adjusting Weight Set x 1 set
5) Propulsion & Pump motor x1/each
6) Control system x 1 set
7) Speed Controller x1
8) S1903 Servo x2 pcs
9) Instruction Mnaual x 1
10) Parts Catalogue x 1


Discover the Silent World

The NEPTUNE SB-1 submarine is the 1st underwater R/C model by Thunder Tiger. Equipped with high technology operating equipment in the inner hull tub, covered by the brilliantly yellow color outer hull, the NEPTUNE SB-1 will let you enjoy the otherwise hidden, underwater world.

Adopting a static diving system, operating the Neptune is just like the real thing. The system is driven by a ballast tank with pump & motor unit. Start the pump to induct the water into the ballast tank. Control the amount of water in the ballast tank, the submarine can dive from the surface and stay underwater in static. Using the propulsion power unit and full elevator and rudder control, you can drive the submarine graceful sailing underwater. Install a digital camera (optional) and you can watch the amazing underwater scenes.

Equipped with a auto-detect protecting system, if the system detects low battery power, low transmission signal, leakage, then the roll pump will auto start to flood the water out of the ballast tank to make the submarine float back to the surface.




There are 2 versions of SB-1 Submarine, 5220-K is the kit version. You just need to prepare a 4CH or above radio system, and all the other necessary operating equipment and tools already be included in the box. Just open the box, then you can start to enjoy the assembly of this fantasy model.     


1) Radio Control model
2) High impact ABS plastic hull
3) 12V motor propulsion power unit
4) Dual Static & Dynamic Diving System
5) Ballast tank w/roll pump & motor drive system
6) Fully elevator/rudder control device
7) Auto-detect electronic protecting system
8) Video transport cable connector equipped
9) 12V Sealed Lead–Acid battery included

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List