Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Desperado 7.5 RTR NO.5215-F


Desperado 7.5 RTR

Item No. 5215-F
Length(mm / in.) (1175mm/48”) 
Height(mm / in.) (240mm/9.5”) 
Beam(mm / in.) (330mm/13”) 
Weight(g / oz.) (3950g/8.70 lb ) 
Engine PRO-46M Engine 
Radio 2.4GHz 3CH Digital Radio System 


1. Pro-46M Engine
2. 2.4GHz 3CH Digital Radio System



Checkered Flags Ready To Fly !
The latest addition in the series of Thunder Tiger’s offshore racing boats is the definitive “mild & wild” machine. With a pre-painted catamaran fiberglass hull, the Desperado 7.5 is designed to deliver lightning-fast accelerations and steady control.
Equipped with the powerful Pro-46M marine nitro engine, the Desperado 7.5 is driven by an efficient prop and features top-end anodized aluminum parts for arrogant performance. The model is also configured with a quick-remove magnet hatch cover to easily access electronics and engine.
Best of all, the RTR includes the latest 2.4G Cougar PS3 radio system while the model’s user-friendly design makes the Desperado 7.5 an offshore racer suitable for both novice and expert enthusiasts.
Take control and grab all checkered flags !


1. Anti-Vibrated Aluminum Engine Mount            
2. Water Cooled Manifold w/Efficient Tuned Pipe
3. CNC Machined & Anodized Aluminum Parts
4. Water Cooled PRO-46M Engine w/Centrifugal Clutch
5. Pre-painted FRP Hull w/Quick-Remove Magnet Hatch Cover
6. Factory Well Assembled and Ready To Run

Quick-remove Magnet Hatch Cover

CNC Machined & Anodized Aluminum Parts

Thunder Tiger Wood Stand

Centrifugal Clutch System & Water-sealed Radio Box

Spare Parts List