Thunder Tiger CORP. -- OUTLAW 7.5 NO.5213



Item No. 5213
Length(mm / in.) (1090mm/42.9”) 
Height(mm / in.) (243mm/9.6” ) 
Beam(mm / in.) (315mm/12.4”) 
Weight(g / oz.) 3500g (7.7 lb.) 
Engine TT Pro-46M Installed 


The Beast

Supervised by World Hydro Champion Jorgen Andersson, the Outlaw 7.5 is a true competition racer in terms of performances, and yet, its user-friendly design makes it quite suitable as an entry-level model for the most daring RC beginners.

The Deep Vee comes with a powerful Thunder Tiger PRO-46M marine engine featuring centrifugal clutch system to stop the racer at idle. Four aluminum clutch shoes ensure the clutch system is slip-free whilet he high performance Prather 230 racing propeller is driven by a flexible shaft with Telfon guide tube. 
The advanced cooling system features dual intakes in rudder, 3mm water line, water-cooled cylinder and manifold to ensure the Outlaw 7.5 stays cool and at peak performance.
15% nitro fuel is recommended, and running time is clocked at about 8~10min. 

Note that the Outlaw 7.5 requires a torque starter to engage the belt-starter.

The Quick-Remove magnet hatch cover is a very convenient and secured feature allowing quick access to the engine and electronics to maintain the racer in prime condition. 
Simply break-in the engine and enjoy full-throttle racing. 

The Outlaw 7.5 includes an extensive list of CNC-machined aluminum parts pre-installed at factory and ready-to-run.
IMPORTANT: the aluminum fins
 are extremely sharp and can easily cause injury during operation.
Nerves of steel highly recommended!


1.Pre-painted FRP Hull w/Quick-Remove Magnet Hatch Cover
2.Water Cooled PRO-46M Engine w/Centrifugal Clutch
3.Anti-Vibrated Aluminum Engine Mount
4.Water Cooled Manifold w/efficient Tuned Pipe
5.CNC Machined & Anodized Aluminum Parts
6.100% Factory Well Assembled and Ready To Run

quick-remove magnet hatch cover

wood stand included

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List