Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Avanti NO.5129-F11L


Item No. 5129-F11L
Length(mm / in.) (720mm/28.3”) 
Height(mm / in.) (165mm/6.5”) 
Beam(mm / in.) (210mm/8.3”) 
Weight(g / oz.) (1250g/2.8 lb) 
Engine Water cooled BLC-40M 
Motor Water cooled Motor OBL29/19-15M 
Radio Thunder Tiger GP3 3CH 


1. Water-cooled Motor OBL29/19-15M
2. Water-cooled BLC-40M Speed Controller


Race with Elegancy ! Brother of Outlaw, Avanti is also an electric racing boat. With elegant aerodynamic design and bright color, Avanti always catch the sight of the crowds. With perfect racing performance, all the skippers will go crazy. Enjoy the fun and thrills of AVANTI!


· ABS Blow-molded Hull w/Quick-remove Hatch Cover
· Water cooled BLC-40M & OBL29/19-15M Included
· Factory Assembled and Ready To Run
· Avaliable in 2-color with w/Fire Scheme Decal

Trim Tabs and Foldable Rudder

Performance Water Cooled OBL 29/19-15M

Quick-remove Hatch Cover

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List