Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Desperado JR. OBL ARTR Green NO.5126-A23G

Desperado JR. OBL ARTR Green

Item No. 5126-A23G
Length(mm / in.) (690mm)27-5/32" 
Height(mm / in.) (180mm)7-3/32" 
Beam(mm / in.) (185mm)7-9/32" 
Weight(g / oz.) (1210g)2.7 Ib 
Motor Water Cooled Motor OBL29/19-15M 
Radio Thunder Tiger COUGAR P2 2CH radio is recommended 


1. Factory Pre-painted and Assembled Hull
2. Water-cooled OBL29/19-15M Motor
3. Water-cooled BLC-40M Speed Controller
4. Wood Stand


Thanks for purchasing Thunder Tiger Desperado JR. OBL !  With one-piece blow-molded hull , the Desperado JR. OBL delivers both high speed and wave resistance, plus sophisticated turning performance. Special water-cooled motor and speed controller deliver reliable and smooth throttle response. Read the manual thoroughly to be familiar with the spare parts of this boat and starting step as well as some tips and safe cautions is strongly recommended. If you encounter any problems in running this boat, contact Thunder Tiger for tech support and customer service.


ABS Blow-molded Hull w/Quick-remove Hatch Cover
Water Cooled BLC-40M & OBL29/19-15M Installed
Factory Assembled and Ready to Run
Available in 2-color with Racing Decal

Flexible Shaft and Foldable Ruddel

Performance Water Cooled OBL29 19-15M

Quick-remove Hatch Cover