Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Titan X50F Flybarless version Kit NO.4857-K

Titan X50F Flybarless version Kit

Item No. 4857-K
Full Length of Fuselage(mm / in.) 1200/47.24 
Full Width of Fuselage(mm / in.) 200/7.87 
Total Height(mm / in.)  
Main Rotor Dia(mm / in.) 1345/52.95 
Tail Rotor Dia(mm / in.) 260/10.24 
Gear Ratio 1:8.5:5.0 
Full Equipped Weight(g/ lbs.) 3,150/6.94 w/o Battery 


Item No.




Carbon Blade





TT FBL 600mm



Redline 53H

3D Hi-flow

TT FBL 600mm



Engineered for Excellence!

The Titan X50 has now evolved into a flybarless design! The Titan X50F kit comes factory-equipped with a flybarless rotor head that earned the “thumbs up” of Thunder Tiger Team International pilots. Compatible with most popular 3-axis gyros, the flybarless rotor head set has a rigid structure and delivers outstanding performance.

By minimizing mechanical and flybar drag, the Titan X50F’s flybarless rotor head provides you with more power and longer flight times. The crisp pitch response makes your helicopter able to fly more aggressively than you ever thought possible!


  1. Assembled 3-piece metal main rotor grips for easy maintenance

  2. Longer metal control arms for high control resolution

  3. Lightweight and rigid one-piece main rotor hub design

  4. Enlarged titanium rod and ball linkage for rigidity and extreme pitch response

  5. Flybarless main blades included

  6. Compatible with most popular brands of 3-axis gyros

  7. One-Piece Carbon Frames, Slim Profile Design (Only 30mm Wide)

  8. Dual Radial, Single Thrust Bearings / Metal Tail Grips with 95mm Blades

  9. Lightweight & Vented Clutch Bell / Metal-Reinforced Ribs

  10. Lightweight & Vented Main & Tail Gear Set Design

  11. Lightweight & Durable Landing Skid

  12. Carbon Base Plate & Carbon Fin

  13. Shrouded Fan for Efficient Heat Dissipation

  14. Spacious 3-Deck Tray for Electronic Devices

  15. Main & Header Tanks (Total Capacity: 480 cc)

Main & Header Tanks (Total Capacity: 480 cc)

Shrouded-fan for Efficient Thermal Dissipation

Slim profile design (only 30mm wide)

Lightweight & Tough Landing Skid

Spare Parts List