Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Raptor 50 Titan KIT NO.4853-K

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Raptor 50 Titan KIT

Item No. 4853-K
Full Length of Fuselage(mm / in.) (1220mm)48.03" 
Full Width of Fuselage(mm / in.) (140mm)5.51" 
Total Height(mm / in.) (400mm)15.74" 
Main Rotor Dia(mm / in.) (1345mm)52.95" 
Tail Rotor Dia(mm / in.) (236mm)9.29" 
Gear Ratio 8.5:1:4.56 
Full Equipped Weight(g/ lbs.) (3000g)6.6 lbs 


4853-K10 Raptor 50 Titan KIT: Body Only
4853-K11 Raptor 50 Titan KIT with PRO-50H engine


Combined with all the features of Raptor 50 V2, the new Raptor 50 Titan adds more new features—longer tail boom to fit 620mm blade, push-pull system for collective pitch control & elevator control, rear mounted tail rotor servo tray, hardened main shaft, stainless flybar and linkage rod etc. With all the features, the Raptor 50 Titan has the base power-to-weight ratio and most accurate control system of any 50-class helicopter in the marker. For 3-D pilots, Raptor 50 Titan will make you enjoy executing crisp maneuvers like-Climbing Tic-Toc, Chaos, Death Spirals and any radical maneuvers that pilots can dream of Beginners and 3-D fliers will be impressed with this new Raptor family member—Raptor 50 Titan.


1.Longer Tail boom
2.Rear Mount Tail Rotor servo plate
3.Push-Pull Collective Pitch Control System.
4.Push-Pull Elevator Control System
5.Stainless Steel Flybar Rod
6.Stainless Linkage Rod (All)
7.Harden Main Shaft
8.Body Support Post
9.Heavy-Duty Clutch Bell(larger size bearing)
10.New Decal Decoration

Elevator push-pull lever system

Hardened main shaft

Longer tail boom, push rod & 686XL belt

Metal rear servo tray

Metal swashplate

New decal

SUS flybar & SUS linkage rod

Heavy duty clutch bell

Recommended power unit PRO-50H (#9605)

Spare Parts List

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