Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Raptor 50  2.4GHz Super Combo NO.4853-F09

Raptor 50  2.4GHz Super Combo

Item No. 4853-F09
Full Length of Fuselage(mm / in.)  
Full Width of Fuselage(mm / in.)  
Total Height(mm / in.)  
Main Rotor Dia(mm / in.)  
Tail Rotor Dia(mm / in.)  
Gear Ratio  
Full Equipped Weight(g/ lbs.)  


1. Raptor 50 with 3D suite main rotor head ARF * 1
2. Red Line power system (Exclusive RL-53HX engine & RL Muffler) * 1 set
3. ACE RC TS6i 2.4G 6-channel radio system (Tx with Module + Rx) * 1 set
4. ACE RC TG-7000 Heading Lock Gyro * 1
5. ACE RC DS0606 digital rudder servo * 1
6. ACE RC S1807MG surface control servo * 4
7. Batteries & Tx charger
8. Raptor 50 Titan Instruction Manual * 1
9. Additional Manual (Upgrade to 3D suite) * 1
10. ACE RC TS6i+ Instruction Manual * 1
11. All electric devices Instruction Manuals * 1 set


Ego Booster !!!

The machine comes all fitted in a Super Combo specifically designed for the most demanding pilots out there. An advanced 2.4GHz radio system, a metal main rotor hub with button, an exclusive sport edition Redline 53HX engine fitted with Redline pipe muffler, and a brand new FRP canopy in striking colors are just some of the most visible upgrades.
A closer look also reveals an extended tail boom to fit 620mm blades, push-pull control system, rear-mounted tail servo tray, and reinforced main shaft.
3D pilots will be amazed by the Raptor 50 SC’s crisp response, and beginners will love it for its stability.


1.Redline power system
2.Rotor Head upgrade to 3D suite
3.Exclusive FRP canopy & decals for 2.4G edition
4.Includes FRP main rotor blades
5.Longer tail boom to fit 620mm blades
6.Stainless steel flybar & linkage rods
7.Harden main shaft
8.Heavy-duty clutch bell
9.Push-pull control system


Red Line power system- Exclusive RL-53HX engine

Red Line power system- Exclusive RL Muffler

Upgrade to metal rotor head (3D Suite)

Longer Tail Boom to fit 620mm blades

Push-Pull control system- Aileron

Push-Pull control system- Elevator

Rear-mounted rudder servo tray

10mm diameter reinforced main shaft

Posts for FRP fuselage

Exclusive FRP Canopy & scheme for 2.4G SC edition

Equipe ACE RC S1807MG control surface servos

Equipe ACE RC DS0606 digital rudder servo

Equipe ACE RC TG-7000 Heading Lock Gyro

Stainless steel flybar rod & linkage rods

Heavy-duty clutch bell (larger size)

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List