Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Raptor 50 V2 SE KIT NO.4852-K

Raptor 50 V2 SE KIT

Item No. 4852-K
Full Length of Fuselage(mm / in.) (1200mm)47.24" 
Full Width of Fuselage(mm / in.) (140mm)5.51" 
Total Height(mm / in.) (412.5mm)16.25" 
Main Rotor Dia(mm / in.) (1345mm)52.95" 
Tail Rotor Dia(mm / in.) (412.5mm)16.25" 
Gear Ratio 8.5:1:4.56 
Full Equipped Weight(g/ lbs.) (3000g)6.6 lbs 


4852-K10 Raptor 50 V2 SE body only.
4852-F11 Raptor 50 V2 SE with PRO-50H engine.


Upgrade from the world famous Raptor 50 V2, we introduce the New Raptor 50 SE version featuring: metal rotor hub with button head, light 3D paddles, stainless-steel flybar, carbon fins, carbon baseplate, simulated-carbon windshield and a new decal set. Raptor 50 SE is the best choice for pilots who want to do nothing more than pure 3D. Another good reason to buy this outstanding is the overall aesthetics.


1. Metal Button Rotor Hub
2. Metal Swashplate
3. Metal Washout Base
4. 25g 3D Light Paddle
5. Stainless Steel Flybar Rod
6. Carbon Vertical and Horizontal Fins
7. Carbon Base Plate
8. High Performance Muffler Included
9. Simulated Carbon Windshield
10. Header Tank
11. New Decal

25g 3D light Paddle & SUS flybar rod

Carbon base plate & Header tank

Carbon fins

Metal hub, swashplate & washout base

High performance muffler

New decal

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List