Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Raptor 30 2.4G Super Combo NO.4839-F09

Raptor 30 2.4G Super Combo

Item No. 4839-F09
Full Length of Fuselage(mm / in.) (1150mm)45.27" 
Full Width of Fuselage(mm / in.) (140mm)5.51" 
Total Height(mm / in.) (400mm)15.75" 
Main Rotor Dia(mm / in.) (1245mm)49" 
Tail Rotor Dia(mm / in.) (236mm)9.3" 
Gear Ratio 1:9.56:4.57 
Full Equipped Weight(g/ lbs.) (3000g)6.6 lb 


1.Raptor 30 V2 x 1
2.PRO-39H(R) x 1
3.Sky Tech TS6i Radio System x 1 set (Including Tx/Rx battery and charger)
4.S1903 Standard Servo x 4
5.DS0606 Digital Rudder Servo x 1
6.TG-7200 Heading Lock Gyro x 1


This is the smallest machine among the nitro-powered Raptor family and it comes in a 95% pre-assembled package with everything from the gyro to the control linkages. The programmable Sky Tech TS6i+ programmable transmitter has been setup for fast and easy learning and gives you room to grow as your skill levels develop.
The Super Combo includes everything and is a great introduction to nitro heli flying, and the novice nitro pilot
does not need to worry about systems compatibility anymore.
All is taken care of and you only need to focus on how to get the helicopter in the air.


1. Adopt a 2.4G radio system, 6-ch multi fuction & 8 model memory radio.
2. New designed shceme & decal.
3. Rugged Collective Pitch Control Arm
4. 6mm Engine Starting Shaft
5. Solid 6mm Spindle
6. Oversized Tai Rotor Grip as Raptor 90 
7. Lengthened Vertical Fin by 10mm
8. Rigid Boom Support With Plastic End
9. Wider Tank with 340cc Capacity
10. Complete line of optional parts available.
11. Super Combo Version, everything you need includes.

Rugged Collective Pitch Control Arm

Solid 6mm Spindle

Wider Tank with 340cc Capacity

Exclusive scheme for R30 2.4G SC edition

Lengthened fins & oversized tail rotor grip

Rigid boom support with plastic end

Include a 2.4G radio system- ACE RC TS6i+

Equipe ACE RC TG-7000 Heading Lock Gyro

Equipe ACE RC DS0606 digital rudder servo

Equipe ACE RC S1903 control surface servos

Equipe PRO-39H(R) heli engine

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List