Thunder Tiger CORP. -- mini Titan V2 FL(Flybarless)RC Helicopter NO.4716-K

mini Titan V2 FL(Flybarless)RC Helicopter

Item No. 4716-K
Full Length of Fuselage(mm / in.) 640mm/25.19" 
Full Width of Fuselage(mm / in.) 120mm/4.72" 
Total Height(mm / in.) 209mm/8.2" 
Main Rotor Dia(mm / in.) 745mm/28.46" 
Tail Rotor Dia(mm / in.) 156mm/6.14" 
Gear Ratio 13T (std)10~15T(option) 
Full Equipped Weight(g/ lbs.) 625g/22.04 oz 


mini Titan V2 FL  Flybarless Version
The mini Titan series has now evolved into a flybarless design! The mini Titan V2 FL kit comes with a factory-equipped flybarless rotor head that earns thumbs-up from Thunder Tiger Team International pilots. Because of its highly reliable structure as well as great compatibility with most popular 3-axis gyros, the flybarless rotor head set of mini Titan series provides absolute outstanding performance with your helicopter. The crisp pitch response also enhances the helicopter’s aggressive flying ability beyond your imagination!

Both the completed kit and conversion kit are available for your alternative preference on new items or upgrades.


1.Newly designed flybarless rotor head and assembled 2-piece main grip for easy maintenance
2.Upgraded carbon main frames & servo mounts for the most brands of servos
3.Newly designed, lightweight CNC metal tail case with a nice laser-cutting logo
4.Enlarged pitch control linkage rod for rigidness (1.3 mm)
5.Efficient torque tube drive system for crisp rudder response and 100% power transfer
6.One-piece low gravity molded skid /integrated antenna holder
7.Integrated one-piece high-positioned battery & ESC tray
8.Slim & aerodynamic pre-painted canopy
9.Super rigid carbon frame & metal construction
10.Lightweight CNC tail metal grips

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