Thunder Tiger CORP. -- mini Titan V2 (Belt-driven version) Kit NO.4712-K

mini Titan V2 (Belt-driven version) Kit

Item No. 4712-K
Full Length of Fuselage(mm / in.) 640mm(25.19") 
Full Width of Fuselage(mm / in.) 230mm(8.79") 
Total Height(mm / in.) 209mm(8.2") 
Main Rotor Dia(mm / in.) 745mm(28.46") 
Tail Rotor Dia(mm / in.) 156mm(6.14") 
Gear Ratio 1:11.5:4.4 
Full Equipped Weight(g/ lbs.) approx.800g(28.35oz) 


Item No.
Mechanism KIT
Speed Controller
Main Blade


Heli On Steroids

Performance has gone ballistic with the latest Mini Titan E325 V2. Tons of very impressive features have been injected to create the ultimate 3D machine in its category: lightweight Carbon / Aluminum main frame, full metal rotor head, lightweight 3D paddles, carbon fin, reinforced main shaft and a totally-redesigned fiberglass canopy. And there is more !

The V2 also comes equipped with radically longer rotor grips & rigid hub for generating additional lift and awesome responsiveness, even when flown under standard-size blades.
To top it off, roll rate is exponentially faster than any other 450-size helis thanks to a lower blade-to-ground height, a high-positioned battery tray & motor mount design keeping CG much closer to the main rotor disc. “Pendulum” effect is reduced to a minimum making the V2 is much more stable platform. The longer grips & hub generates more left and brings extremely crisp & accurate pitch response.

With the Mini Titan E325 V2 machine, 3D pilots can finally get their hands on a totally aggressive performer : best power-to-weight & the widest adjustable mixing ratio among any 450-class helis. Get ready for a shock !






1. 2-piece Reinforced Carbon Main Frame (1.5mm)
2. Super Rigid Carbon Frame & CNC Machined Aluminum Construction
3. Slim & Aerodynamic Pre-Painted Fiberglass Canopy
4. One-piece Machined Aluminum Mast Block/Servo Mount
5. Adjustable Bell-Hiller Mixing Ratio
6. Equipped With Lightweight Paddles for 3D (4.4gr)
7. Integrated One-piece High-positioned Battery & ESC Tray,
8. Metal & Carbon Light Tail Case/ Metal Grips
9. One-piece Low Gravity Molded Skid With Integrated Antenna Holder
10. Canopy with Integrated Heat Sink For Efficient Thermal Dissipation
11. Exclusive Receiver Tray
12. Come with a High Performance 3700KV Brushless Motor & 40A ESC as Standard Equipements (4712-K11)

Super Rigid Carbon Frame&Metal Construction

2-piece Reinforced Carbon Main Frame(1.5mm)

Adjustable Bell-Hiller Mixing Ratio

Metal&carbon Light Tail Case/Metal Grips

Pre-Painted FRP Canopy

One-piece Low Gravity Molded Skid

One-piece High-positioned Battery&ESC Tray

One-Piece Machined Metal Mast Block/Servo Mount

Exclusive Receiver Tray

Canopy with Heat Sink for Thermal Dissipation

Spare Parts List

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